Light up the sky


The team of 4 friends, all avid photographers went on a trip to Iceland to see the Aurora spectacle. We were very luck and had a fantastic display and November 2014 was a good choice. We traveled in a camper van to be able be as mobile as possible and it proved to be the winning formula.

Here some of the fantastic encounters we had and although we got caught in a bad storm towards the end of our trip, we had some magic experiences.


Diving the Felivaru Kandu

Anchor-Felivaru-Kandu-UnderwaterWhat an adrenalin rush. This channel is quite large and although it can be hard work finning against the current, the action witnessed makes it worth the effort. One of the great channels in the Lhaviyani Atoll where you can be enchanted by the magic Maldivian underwater world. The channel has a very interesting land mark, a huge anchor. Great place to take some pictures.

A fragile ecosystem

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) and the wider Kalahari is a vast ecosystem, containing abundant and diverse wildlife that is presently under significant threat. The absence of income from high-end ecotourism in the Kalahari means that the region is increasingly competing with other land use practices. At present, there are increasing numbers of cattle farms and mining activities on the boundaries as well as growing levels of poaching within the reserve.

But the CKGR is one of the biggest reserves in southern Africa and has a huge animal diversity and is one of the most interesting eco systems one can find. I have been in the Kalahari many times and it has never ceased to amaze me. There is always something special that one can encounter and always when one least expect it, something special happens.

Definitely a place that one has to see and experience.

Seeing Fluorescence

Fluorescence is the absorption of one wavelength of light (or colour) and the re-emission of another totally different wavelength of light (or colour). A fluorescent object under white light reveals its true colour but, under almost UltraViolet (UV) light, it absorbs the blue and re-emits a fluorescent colour, transforming the blue into a bright glowing, totally different colour.