Dog sledding in Finnmark north Norway

When I first tried dog sledding in Svalbard I loved it and knew I had to do it again. We put a trip together to Karasjok in Finnmark county in the north of Norway in January 2018. We heard about a legend of a man who lives up there with his dogs and offers some unbelievable dog sledding experience in the frozen wilderness. I contacted him and put together a small group to visit him in the cold north. We wanted to try the dog sledding under the northern lights and not better place to try it. After a long journey and a few flights later we arrived at Svens breathtaking lodge called Engholm Husky. For sure we were not prepared for what awaited us and even all the long hours on the internet could not have prepared us for this. The hand build lodge was like in a fairy tale and the heart warming hospitality overwhelming. Our guides Kenny and HÃ¥kon were first class and skilfully guided us through the snowy wonderland. Just an unforgettable, breathtaking experience with friends that has to be repeated.