In search of the wild life in Northern Norway – 2

Just around the corner of Andenes is a small sleepy fishing village called Bleik. Here we heard of a small mountainous island rising out of the sea just in front of the shore. This is the home to the comical bird the puffin. In the summer the puffin come hear to bread and raise their young. But because the puffin is not such a aerial master he has difficulty to fly to his nest high on the cliff with his load of fish for his young. This makes him a target of the big bird of prey, the white tailed eagle. They live in huge numbers around the island and hunt the puffins in mid air. The eagle being such a great aerial acrobat can easily catch the puffin in mid air and eat about three a day. The eagle is hard to spot when sitting on the ground among the grass growing on the slopes but when they fly one can spot them easily with their huge wingspan. The puffin have no chance and only survive due to the large numbers that congregate around the island.