In search of the wild life in Northern Norway

After an unbelievable trip to Svalbard we flew to Tromso, Northern Norway in search of what wild life lives there. We made our way from Tromoso to Senja where we found some beautiful fjords and unbelievable landscapes. We found some great seabirds and bit more tempered waters then in Svalbard, even if the water was still cold.
We heard that in Andoya the continental shelve comes very close to the coast and it is a good place to find whales. We took the ferry from Senja to Andoya and made our way to Andenes, where we found our way to a whale tour. They had a great little museum with a great information on the whales that one can find in the area. We were told that in the summer the main whales one sees are the sperm whale and chances where good to find the big males feeding in the waters in the entrance to the fjord. We were not disappointed and soon spotted a big sperm whale on the surface breathing and resting after returning from a dive to hunt some food. We could make our way closer and observe him while he was resting. With a flick of his tail he started to move and prepared for his next dive, lifting his fluke slowly out of the water till disappearing beneath the surface. Soon some more came to the surface to rest and we found quite a few in the next hours. Seeing that it is not so deep in the entrance to the fjord they do not dive so long and we had to wait between 15 to 30 min before they returned to the surface to breath and rest before their next dive. It is only the males coming up north to the cold waters to feed and they leave the females in the warmer waters behind. What a day out again and getting so close to these mystical creatures.