Polar Bear Expedition in Svalbard – Part 5

We left Hornsund after a brilliant time and lots of great encounters. We now sailed north again and will make a stop in the next fjord up north called Bellsund. We planend a landing in the morning of our last day at Recherchebreen, a big glacier with a sand spit in front of it with lots of ice. The wind picked up considerably but we were nicely sheltered in the fjord and could make the landing to the glacier. We walked quite a long way on the sand tongue in front of the glacier and it was so nice to stretch the legs again and be active. It was overcast with dark clouds, but occasionally the sun broke through and lit up the ice with its rays. Such a nice picture of white ice with shades of blue. There was some fast ice in front of the glacier and some ring seals made some breaching holes and popped up every now and then. After a few hours we waling we made our way back to the landing site and boarded the zodiac to go back to the ship. Now the wind picked up even more and a landing in the afternoon was unfortunately out of the question. After heading in the Bellsund further the captain decided to turn around and head up to Isfjorden. We arrived in the early evening and the captain stoped the boat in the mouth of the fjord to wait for whales. it did not take long till we spotted the first blows and dorsal fins of whales and we headed over in their direction. First we saw a humpback whale and then some fin whales. In the distance we noticed that there was some activity in the water with some sea birds on the surface. We realised that there were some whales feeding and headed that way. There were two humpback whales feeding and it was a spectacle to see. The whales were not bothered by our presence and they kept on feeding right in front of the bow. We could see them blow the bubbles and dive up from the deep right under our noses. We could even see them under water making their way to the surface. What an experience and it was so special. Just unbelievable.